Like other states on the list, Washington has business-friendly tax policies. However, CTA notes that even though the state does provide protection from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, it doesn’t have any right-to-work legislation on the books. However, the state is training the next generation of technology workers with 20.6 college degrees granted in STEM subjects for every 1,000 young people. Sustainability is also the name of the game for Washington with its legalization of ride sharing, and positive home-sharing rules. Rounding out its qualifications are strong venture capital investment, average Internet speeds great than 17,200 kbps, and no laws restricting self-driving car activity or drone technology.

The report does also note Washington’s “exceptionally onerous electronics recycling law and state-level material restrictions.” While the CTA says it supports smart, collaborative approaches to improving electronics recycling, and increasing sustainability, it does note that state proposals to regulate recycling requirements with arbitrary burdens and costs threaten to stifle the industry’s success.


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