Boise State University has hired Brandon Bowlin as its new chief information security office (CISO). Brandon’s work will be part of the university’s Office of Information Technology.

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The Biden administration has tapped the Departments of Homeland Security (DHS), Education (ED), Health and Human Services (HHS), and Justice (DOJ) to launch a public awareness campaign to highlight Federal school safety resources and evidence-based practices available through

Through a partnership between Mississippi Department of Education, Mississippi State University Research and Curriculum Unit, and analytics software company SAS, the state of Mississippi now has a new online tool that shows the coronavirus pandemic’s effects on student achievement and progress and how school districts are allocating Federal funds to support student learning.

Billington Cybersecurity Summit, DoD, VA, CompTIA, and ONCD panelists

As part of the new academic year, schools across the state of Delaware will launch a new School Safety and Wellness Suite that the state says incorporates a comprehensive approach to alert administrators of serious situations while providing students with the necessary tools and resources to prevent or deter a situation from escalating.

Virginia State University (VSU) has announced it is the first university in the commonwealth to offer Wi-Fi 6E to its campus. According to a press release, VSU will upgrade both campus buildings and outdoor areas to offer Wi-Fi 6E. The school said that by deploying this latest generation technology it can “now offer instant access to a stable internet connection that wasn’t available in the past.”

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