The New Hampshire Department of Education (NHED) has signed a contract with Khan Academy to offer an artificial intelligence platform pilot for educators and students in grades 5-12 statewide.

Khanmigo – Khan Academy’s AI offering – serves as a teaching assistant for educators and a tutor for students, and New Hampshire is the first to ink a statewide contract with Khan Academy for the platform’s use. Funding for the $2.3 million contract comes from Federal pandemic relief funds.

The pilot will be available for all educators and students in grades 5-12 through July 31, 2025, and will include comprehensive professional development for educators.

“Khanmigo is a productivity tool for both educators and students. This AI resource essentially provides teachers with an online teaching assistant, and it offers students a personalized, real-time AI learning coach.” said Frank Edelblut, New Hampshire’s education commissioner.

“We have worked closely with Khan Academy, the New Hampshire Student Privacy Consortium and school leaders from some of our largest districts to make sure that this tool will be a benefit to both educators and students,” he said. “This teacher and student interface is an ideal resource for classrooms throughout New Hampshire, working as a Socratic tutor that we think could drive learning gains and save time for educators.”

The pilot program gives teachers and students access to District Partnership Program that provides a variety of free services for teachers and students. Some of the features include a writing coach with immediate feedback, the ability for teachers to customize assignments for students or groupings of students based on their specific learning needs, on-demand student support, and multi-lingual tutoring.

The pilot also offers enhanced services for educators such as custom professional learning, goal setting, school-level reporting, seamless rostering, and access to Chat-GPT 4 and student mode services. NHED said that these upgrades allow educators to use Khanmigo to build additional resources and classroom experiences based on the content in Khan Academy, and to summarize student chats to find trends and develop customized learning activities based on student needs.

In terms of student privacy, New Hampshire leaders noted that Khan Academy has executed a Student Data Privacy Agreement, and said the company has demonstrated a continued commitment to protect student data and implement strong user safeguards within its platform.

NEHD also noted that teacher and student content that is submitted into Khanmigo is not used to train the underlying AI large language model or is not incorporated into that LLM. The program also monitors how students interact with Chat-GPT 4 to detect interactions that may be inappropriate, harmful or unsafe. When the moderation system is triggered, Khanmigo automatically sends an email alert to the teacher.

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