New York City is introducing the NYC Benefits Screening Application Programming Interface (API), which will connect eligibility criteria data for social service programs to technology that will help residents learn about potential public benefits, such as SNAP, Cash Assistance, and the Housing Efficiency Assistance Program.

Created by the New York City Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity, the API works with the same engine that powers New York City’s ACCESS Eligibility Screener, which connects users to social service programs via questionnaire. Website developers will be able to create web applications that use household data and evaluate it against 31 different benefits programs at the city, state, and Federal level.

“Anytime someone is sharing their income information with a non-profit community provider or even a for-profit, they should get screened for more than 30 social service benefits, whether food, money, health, or housing, so they get all the help they need,” City Council Member Ben Kallos said in a statement.

The API will not auto-register users for benefits, but gives data to access information related to benefits and eligibility. The API will also assist with outreach efforts for specific benefits programs based on client data through mailers, emails, and caseworker outreach.

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