The recently launched website is highlighting what California Gov. Gavin Newsom calls “once-in-a-generation investments in California infrastructure.”

The new website outlines how state and Federal infrastructure investments are tackling some of California’s toughest challenges, including climate change, equity, and jobs. The state said it expects $180 billion in infrastructure funding over the next ten years.

The governor’s office explained that is tracking where money is going and also highlights individual projects and what the projects mean for the communities they impact.

The website tracks projects with both an interactive map, as well as a more traditional spreadsheet that users can export for their own analysis. The state provides the project name, the county where the project is located, what the project is addressing, what phase it is currently in, what government agency is overseeing the project, how much funding the project received, the status of the funding, and where the funding came from.

In terms of the data provided, the state noted that the website shows projects from both Federal and California state sources. Further, one project could appear in both datasets. Due to this factor, the state explained there is some overlap in budget numbers.

Additionally, the website notes in a disclaimer that the projects included on the site are subject to many layers of review and approval and may encounter other practical, legal, or economic barriers to completion. Further, the state may reconsider listing a project on the website based on updated information. The state also warns users looking to conduct further analyses with the data provided that reported project information is subject to inaccuracies and says to not rely upon the data without independent verification.

The website also provides links to more detailed information from local government agencies overseeing the projects.

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