The United States Military Academy at West Point (West Point) is searching for a cloud-based common application platform to collect application data and provide the information to open files on candidates applying to the school.

The Mission and Installation Contracting Command at West Point posted on that it is conducting market research to understand the availability of interested and capable offers to provide the platform. The posting said West Point anticipates awarding a $35 million contract.

West Point said the goal of the new platform increased the visibility of West Point, an increase in the applicant pool, and a streamlined application process. Because West Point recently adopted the Common App, an undergraduate college admissions application used by more than 900 colleges and universities, it anticipates seeing a 43 percent increase in applications over the next four years.

Currently, applicants are required to use an “antiquated form” that isn’t mobile-friendly. West Point also notes that the current application form “continuously” has various errors tied to older coding that is no longer supported by more current browsers. The Common App will collect applications and batch data to be inserted into the Academy Management System (AMS) to create files for new applicants.

West Point said that a custom cloud-based platform will allow West Point to create new files on applicants, and allow the school to address and process data related to service academy-specific questions that are required of all applicants. Data will need to be shared daily to West Point to ensure new applicants receive login information to the “Candidate Portal” within 24 hours.

West Point anticipates the contract running from Sept. 2021 to January 2023, will two additional twelve-month option periods.

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