A new survey from Verizon Frontline finds that network reliability tops the list of communications requirements for first responders when they are responding to emergencies.

The survey released on October 17 was commissioned by Verizon Frontline and conducted by LexiPol. It asked more than 2,000 emergency responders what they wanted to see most in their emergency communications services. Verizon Frontline is a service offered by Verizon for first responders.

“In daily use, more than three quarters of first responders (77%) say reliability and resiliency is their number one factor today, followed by cost (13%) and customer service (4%),” Verizon said in announcing the survey’s findings.

“In emergency situations, reliability and resiliency are even more important (81%), followed by interoperability (47%) and having durable devices (46%),” the company said.

The first responders also said they want to use their smartphones and tablets during emergencies.

“First responders overwhelmingly believe smartphones and tablets will remain essential daily communication tools in the next five years, with 92% of respondents saying they use a smartphone and 47% reporting tablet usage every day,” Verizon said.

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