The accelerated move toward digital transformation spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be challenging to many as they have further embraced hybrid IT structures, according to a recent report from SolarWinds.

The report entitled Getting IT Right: Managing Hybrid IT Complexity looks at how IT professionals feel about their current hybrid IT implementation.

“Operational complexity prevents organizations from capitalizing on their technology-driven transformation and investments and delivering benefits for end users,” Sudhakar Ramakrishna, president and CEO of SolarWinds, said in a statement.

“As organizations look beyond the pandemic, they must re-examine their investments from the past few years,” he said. “Part of that requires organizations to have visibility into their IT environments to understand what’s working and not working, and where to prioritize their efforts to achieve the ROI targeted in their planned projects.”

The report finds that only 29 percent of IT specialists felt that they faced increased complexity in implementing hybrid IT, while another 54 percent felt they lack visibility into crucial apps and infrastructure as they have implemented hybrid IT structures.

The report concludes that hybrid IT implementation is far from easy, with most agreeing that “the jobs of IT teams have become much harder thanks to the new realities of hybrid IT.”

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