The Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is partnering with ImpactED, a global technology firm, to develop personalized professional development plans for K-8 teachers.

Montana Superintendent Elsie Arntzen said the overall goal of the partnership is to improve state-wide math and reading proficiency scores by arming K-8 teachers with cutting-edge technology solutions.

“With only 37 percent of students showing proficiency in math and 46 percent in reading, Montana must get back to the basics,” said Superintendent Arntzen. “My office has focused on the basics through revising our state content standards, creating Math Innovation Zones, and reimagining student assessments through the MAST program. The partnership with ImpactED is another opportunity for our teachers and schools to promote student success.”

The state will use ImpactED’s PD2 offering. OPI explained that PD2 – which stands for Personalized, Differentiated, Professional Development – is a “revolutionary” platform that is intended to improve student outcomes by giving teachers the ability to customize their professional development based on the specific needs of their classrooms and students.

Before a full rollout of PD2, a pilot cohort of Montana educators will have access to these resources beginning this month, with a state-wide rollout expected in the fall of 2024.

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