Modern Campus, a higher education engagement platform, is launching a new text messaging program named Signal Vine Playbook for Stop Outs, which focuses on getting students back into classrooms.

The program will be aimed at helping colleges and universities to reach out to students who have once been enrolled but have not graduated to secure their enrollment and achieve their graduation goals.

The new program will primarily reach out to students via prepackaged text messages, which will help students reapply to these institutions.

Reuben Pressman, chief product officer at Modern Campus, explained how important this new program will be to students.

“Higher education is facing an enrollment and persistence crisis. There are 1.4 million fewer students enrolled today than there were in 2019, and student debt is continuing to spiral,” he said. “The Signal Vine Playbook for Stop Outs is a critical resource – backed by research – designed to help colleges and universities support their learners by identifying their challenges early and by reducing their barriers to returning and completing their education.”

The program will be set up to do the following.

  • “Enable higher education institutions to reach out to students who have left and bring them back to campus.
  • Generate valuable insights into why students departed and what prompts them to return.
  • Focus staff time by sending personalized messages at scale and programmatically answering routine questions while employees focus where they are most valuable.
  • Prompt students to discover resources available from the institution that will help them overcome personal obstacles and get back on track; and
  • Support institutions with experts who can help iterate on the playbook adapting to the needs of students.”

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