With the holiday season upon us, we at MeriTalk wanted to spread some holiday cheer. We’ve gathered up photos of our furry friends dressed in festive attire, meeting Santa, or just enjoying some winter weather.

One of the silver linings of this year has been being able to spend even more time with our telework coworkers – we know they’ve enjoyed the extra attention (and treats). Whether your telework coworkers have fur, feathers, fins, scales, or are just regular old humans, we hope you’ve enjoyed spending extra time with them, too.

Natty Boh is hoping she ends up on Santa’s “Good List” again this year.
Izzy is ready for Christmas dinner to be served.
Reese is wondering what kinds of treats she’ll find under the tree on Christmas morning.
Dusty is happy to lend a paw to help his humans decorate for the holidays.
Curry is staying warm in her sweater – and keeping an eye out for any gifts for her that may end up under the tree.
Wally hung his stocking and decorated the tree, all that’s left is waiting for Santa!
Letty is ready to settle in for a long winter’s nap
Mikoh does not want to share any presents with his sister Maizy.
Fred is looking extra festive with his big red bow.
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