Whether they are meeting in-person or virtually, the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the way schools operate. For North DeSoto Lower Elementary School in Stonewall, La., the pandemic forced them to change the way they do school pickup.

In order to ensure student safety, the school had to cut down on bus capacity to make social distancing possible. This meant that more parents were dropping off and picking up their students – which led to a logistical and security headache.

To solve that headache, school leaders turned to technology to streamline pickup for Pre-K through first grade students. After holding brainstorming sessions, the principal and assistant principal decided to use an app called Curb Smart.

The new solution requires both parents and the school to work together. According to its website, Curb Smart works by assigning a three-digit code to each family. Whoever is picking up a child or children places a placard with their code in the windshield of their car. Once it is their turn, the staff member enters the three-digit code in the app to notify another staff member to send over the correct child.

Principal Russell Tabor told KTBS3, a local news station, that the app has helped improve efficiency as well as security because only those allowed to pick up students have access to a child’s designated “pickup number.”

In addition to improving efficiency and security, Curb Smart says their app can help schools improve student and staff physical safety, communication, and traffic flow. Along with streamlining school pickup, the app also allows staff to track and report student absences, tardiness, and early check-out.

Curb Smart helps schools set up the app, and streamline rollout to parents and guardians. Additionally, the app provides training videos to teachers and school staff to ensure everyone understands the new tech.

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