Cloud-based platform provider Domo has deployed the considerable weight of its technology arsenal to help three state governments battle the coronavirus pandemic and pave the way toward faster recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.

Late last month, the company announced deployment of its COVID-19 Crisis Command Center to the governments of Nebraska and Iowa to help leaders in those states coordinate rapid response to the pandemic. The two state government installations followed Domo’s initial deployment of the Command Center service to the government of its home state of Utah.

The Command Center – developed by the company in a 72-hour sprint responding to the pandemic – provides critical data and response applications to state governments covering testing capacity and processing, infection, transmission, recovery, hot spots, regional tracking, healthcare utilization, and personal protection equipment.

Julie Kehoe, chief communications officer at Domo, told MeriTalk that the Crisis Command Center service “pulls together all of the data streams that state governments need into one place and then makes that data accessible to the necessary stakeholders involved in organizing and coordinating pandemic response.”

“All of that data that typically sits in many different systems is brought into a digital cockpit for decision makers to have a holistic view of what’s going on, coordinate response, and make decisions in a timely manner,” she said. “The ultimate goal is not just how do we flatten the curve of virus spread, but then how do we get the economy safely opened up.”

Domo is a business cloud service running on top of Amazon Web Service infrastructure that in normal times helps organizations break down information silos, put the right data into the hands of decision makers, and allow them to use it more intelligently through quickly constructed low code/no code apps. Those are important functions at any time, but in the current pandemic they take on a new urgency.

“An emergency response situation like this – and managing the next phase of getting economies back open and ensuring that the right decisions are being made to protect the health of citizens – that’s really going to be dependent on having the right data,” she said.

In addition to state government involvement, Domo also operates in the Federal sphere under an engagement with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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