The Department of Energy is investing $19 million to improve the efficiency of the nation’s buildings.

This investment will aim to develop advanced building technologies that will help Americans save money on utility bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs.

“[Improving efficiency] presents one of our best opportunities for cutting Americans’ energy bills and slashing greenhouse gas emissions,” said Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.

The investment will cover 18 innovative projects in multiple technology areas, targeting a variety of building efficiency improvements in the following categories:

  • Sensors and controls
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems (HVAC&R), and joining technologies
  • Windows and building envelope
  • Energy modeling

Through these focus areas, the project will support entry into the renewable energy market.

“These innovative technologies will make our buildings smarter, healthier, and more efficient,” Moniz said. [The technologies will] drive us toward our goal of reducing the energy use intensity of the U.S. buildings sector by 30 percent by 2030.”

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