The city of Charlotte, N.C., has launched the TravelSafely App, intended to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists by connecting users to an electronic network of intersection and crosswalk data.

The city’s Department of Transportation (CDOT) launched the TravelSafely App with a pilot project in South End, a commercial neighborhood in the city. The city noted that all information shared on the app is anonymous and protected, though it did not specify how that is accomplished.

“We must work together to improve traffic safety and this app promotes connectivity to each other and to our surroundings,” said Council Member Victoria Watlington. “The app is another tool that will help us improve safety for all people using our roads and I encourage everyone to download the app and use it in the South End pilot project area.”

In a press release, CDOT highlighted the features included in the new app:

  • Notifies users when the light is about to turn green.
  • Warns users approaching a red light if they are approaching the intersection too fast.
  • Notifies users if they are traveling too fast in a slow speed zone.
  • Warns motorists if a cyclist is using the app on the road ahead.
  • Notifies motorists of pedestrians using the app in the crosswalk ahead if it detects the motorist is not going to stop.

“We are excited to incorporate TravelSafely in Charlotte,” says Justin Carroll, deputy director of CDOT. “It will improve CDOT’s use of cutting-edge technology and connect those who download the app to a network of traffic intersections, pedestrian beacons, motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.”

The city said the pilot will run through November 2023 in the South End area. For the pilot rollout, CDOT partnered with Charlotte Center City Partners to make sure both residents and visitors in the South End area know about the pilot. CDOT said the pilot will allow staff to evaluate and compare before and after crash data.

CDOT is also collaborating with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD). The department said collaboration with CMPD was “vital in the implementation of the pilot project and will continue to be instrumental in making Charlotte streets safer for all.”

“The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department works hand-in-hand with our partners at CDOT to address transportation safety and we are excited about the potential of the TravelSafely app to make the roads and sidewalks of South End safer places to walk, run, bike and drive,” says CMPD Major Dave Johnson. “Leveraging technology is the future of traffic safety and piloting this app positions Charlotte at the cutting edge.”

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