Connecticut, Illinois, Louisiana, Nevada, and Oregon will participate in a policy academy on developing and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity strategies, the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>National Governors Association</a> (NGA) announced.

“Threats to our cybersecurity remain one of the most significant homeland security challenges facing the nation,” said Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, NGA vice chair and co-chair of the Resource Center for State Cybersecurity. McAuliffe created a cybersecurity commission in Virginia shortly after gaining the governor’s office, establishing him as an expert in cyber policy endeavors.

McAuliffe and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder will serve as faculty for the academy alongside private sector partners.

The member states in the academy will work together to develop and implement a cybersecurity policy plan with the help of academy staff and experts.

“Cyber threats affect everyone from law enforcement, public works and energy agencies, to financial and communications sectors and ultimately, citizens of every state,” Snyder said. “This policy academy will help states develop strategic plans to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities and improve incident response planning.”

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