Ransomware on the Run
Ransomware on the Run

Ransomware can run rampant through state and local government networks if cyber professionals lack visibility into their infrastructure. These attacks generate easy-to-ask but hard-to-answer questions that can leave agencies stuck at go, unless they understand where and how the attack started.

MeriTalk surveyed 150 state and local government cyber managers to better understand how agencies prevent and detect ransomware threats. Almost half expect the number of attacks to increase in the next two years. In addition, over one-third of execs say not all employees have taken ransomware training in the past year.

Download the “Ransomware on the Run” infographic to discover:

  • The top three ransomware challenges facing state and local governments
  • Current best practices to prevent and mitigate ransomware attacks
  • What agencies monitor to protect against ransomware

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