Data Integration and Workflow Automation
Companies Find Success with iPaaS

Data Integration and Workflow Automation

Businesses today find themselves struggling to organize and integrate their data and build automation between disparate applications.

On average, companies have 185 point solutions, and that number is only increasing, according to a new study by TeamDynamix and IDG. When applications fail to talk to each other, this results in erroneous information being used across the enterprise. The challenge is a significant one because accurate data is integral to customer retention and growth.

For more and more companies, it’s becoming clear that iPaaS is a centralized system that can serve as the bedrock of a successful data strategy for organizations. iPaaS is the way of the future, a foundation for larger digital transformations, and one that successful companies across industries are transitioning to.

The TeamDynamix/IDG study explored the challenges companies face with enterprise integration and automation, and the significant IT benefits of standardizing on one central platform for integrations and workflow automations.

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