Simplify Security Operations to Maximize Resources
Simplify Security Operations to Maximize Resources

State and local governments are prime targets for cyberattacks. As the number of attacks grows, security threats are also evolving in sophistication. To keep up, under-resourced security analysts need tools that enable them to do more with less human intervention. Security teams are incorporating upgraded and automated tools for threat detection, response, and remediation to enhance their security posture.

This video will show how an extended detection and response (XDR) solution helps security analysts achieve security and resilience goals with limited resources. In addition, it will examine how leveraging threat intelligence, a powerful network analytics engine, and a robust suite of cross-product and cross-vendor integrations provides analysts with unprecedented visibility, meaningful detections, and unified response capabilities.

Watch: XDR Improves Cyber Resilience
Listen: Eliminate Analysis Paralysis With Extended Detection and Response

State and local governments are using more devices, applications, and tools than ever before – increasing their cybersecurity complexity. And with limited resources, many IT teams are unable to create a comprehensive view of their security posture as threats evolve in sophistication. In this episode of MeriTalking, MeriTalk’s John Curran sits down with Peter Romness, cybersecurity principal in the CISO Advisors Office at Cisco, to discuss how overburdened state and local government security teams can gain control over cybersecurity data and quickly detect, prioritize, and remediate threats.

Executive Q&A: XDR Helps Mitigate Advanced Cybersecurity Threats for State and Local Governments

Cyberattacks against state and local governments can interrupt critical infrastructure, leak sensitive information, and cause significant financial damage. Agencies are using more security tools to thwart increasingly sophisticated attacks, but this has led to a level of complexity that overburdens security teams. MeriTalk recently sat down with Kenny Holmes, cybersecurity senior leader for government and education at Cisco, to discuss how integrated, automated solutions can help analysts quickly detect, prioritize, and remediate threats.

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